AluisioASG's Avatars

Near the Halloween of Yip 0, Neil_Boekend brought something new to the OTT: brainslugs safety hats. They quickly spread through OTThers' avatars, soon leading to an archival request and attempt by mrob (emphasis mine):

BTW, it would be nice if everyone could save their avatars so they can eventually be put in the wiki. We got most of those created by OTTers who were posting during the mid-600's, but surely missed a few. For example, we got five of the recent variations by @AluisioASG.

This led ChronosDragon to post “a collection of all avatars I have worn thus far” and I followed suit.

This page is an up-to-date (unlike the last post I linked to) index of all avatars I've used in the OTT, in order of first use. I do not keep a record of when they were used or reused of how long I stuck with them.

Portrait of a dragon sustaining a flame over its left hand.
I stole cropped this one from this drawing, one of the first pictures to be archived in my dragon art collection. I might have been using it as avatar since mid-2011.
As the above, but the dragon is now wearing a pink nightcap with a purple flower on its base.
Afterwards, it was outfitted with a nightcap by buffygirl.
A stick figure wearing a fedora hat and holding a tiny trebuchet with both hands.
This is frame 403 with Megan replaced by an Observer, likely arising from my claim over that frame.
Sketch of a Night Fury–esque dragon, Michael, with a bookshelf in the background.
This is a sketch from my first art commission ever, depicting Michael in the center of a circle of bookshelves, drawing a newpix down into a book and noting his thoughts on it.
Finished version of the above, with Michael's black skin reflecting the blue light of the environment.
The finished version of the above. It seems I tried to match the viewport of the previous one.
As the above, with Michael wearing a green and blue baseball cap with “TLTW” written on it.
Michael wearing a baseball cap made from the hourglass present in the art piece. When I first saw it, it reminded me of Will Smith in the title sequence of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
As the above, but replacing the cap with a stove pipe hat with a blue gem on it.
Same as above, but with a stovepipe hat instead, the most famous wearer of whose being the 16th president of the United States of America. Oh, and a blue gem on the hat; had forgotten about it.
Side photo of a dog's head looking up, manipulated to have very low contrast.
That mah dog, yo.
Grayscale version of the stovepipe hat avatar.
No idea of what happened here.
The stovepipe hat avatar, with a database icon instead of the blue gem.
This must be from when I got a MongoDB instance running on OpenShift and offered it for anyone who needed a database.
The above, grayscaled and blurred and with “all nodes offline” written over it in white and red.
Maintenance maybe?
A blue ‘A’ inscribed into an orange ‘G’.  The two letters are made of different line patterns, and the ‘A’'s middle bar is ‘G’'s.
An attempt at a personal logo.
Negative of a dog's head looking straight at the camera.
My grandma's dog, brother of the other two.
Head shot of Storm, a white dragon with blue features, flying on a blue sky.
Meet Storm.
A version of the above without the sky background.
Not satisfied with the above, ChronosDragon cut me a proper avatar from it.
Storm with a green amoeba with two antennae and a big eye on his head.
A gift from Neil_Boekend: a safety hat!
I am just a shadow of a shadow of a shadow… just a shadow of my former self.
Eventually we learned pumpkins are an effective countermeasure against brainslugs.
Front view of a fedora hat fading in and out.
Ti rof tiaw.
Background-less version of the TLTW avatar, with Michael's actual black color.
So that's what Michael looks like when the lights are turned off.
A blue Michael on the left and a black Michael on the right looking at each other.
So, you are… me… from a different timeline?
An animation depicting Michael from the sketch version to the final black version to the final blue design.
Blurred photo of a brown dog.
No matter how much time passes, she always remembers us when we come to visit her.
Storm wearing sunglasses and a disco ball for headgear.
ergman made this by occasion of NP1970. 'Cause disco will live forever!
A stick figure flying by spinning a rope.
Courtesy of HES.
Heavily post-processed head shot of a red fox.
From Commons. Reminder of a project I should get to work on.
Celebrating Curitiba's 322 years.
A stop sign from Inuit-speaking communities in Nunavut, Canada, without the English “STOP” phrase and the remaining Inuit phrase centered.
We were talking about stop signs.
I found Legofy.