AluisioASG's Song OTTifications

The Man Who Sold the World by David Bowie
A sung version of the Snake! period.

The Ballad of Ace LeBaron by Kevin McMullan & Stephen Rippy
Musings of an OTTer, I think.

One Vision by Queen
La Petite sees Cuegan go away and notices the sea rising. We all know what happens next.

Space Oddity by David Bowie
In which Thong the Beanie flies into a hole and begins xkcd.

Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie
Guess I did something that was wrong.

Extreme Ways by Moby
Apparently, “In January 2038, Randall Munroe releases a sequel to Time, while simultaneously replaying the frames from the latter. The OTT is promptly revived.”

Poor Places by Wilco

These Are the Days of Our Lives by Queen
No, I'm not crying, it's just… just a… a speck…

Radio Cure by Wilco
Seems like we'll wait for a sequel to Time no matter how many times the Epilogue Sequence breaks. As ChronosDragon puts it: “Are we doomed to become like Half Life fans, desperately grasping at any deviation from the norm, hoping that the latest 2 kB update is adding a new ARG for Half Life 3?”

I'm Afraid of Americans by David Bowie
What a better way to begin OTTifying the Outside than turning Randall Munroe into an OTTer?

And the Sky Began to Scream by How to Destroy Angels

Copy of A by Nine Inch Nails
Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon. Bacon bacon? Bacon bacon bacon. Bacon! (Note: I don't eat bacon.)

I Was an Eagle by Fringe Division
I'm not getting the “bonus points for […] having fully understood it”.

Pushing Me Away by Linkin Park
An apology for the impressive number of vaporware stories I produce.

Speaking in Tongues by How to Destroy Angels
BlitzGirl doesn't have a molpy army, she has an OTTer Army!

Came Back Haunted by Nine Inch Nails
“The End”

Find My Way by Nine Inch Nails
BUT AGAIN?! (c.f. Ashes to Ashes) I don't learn, do I?

Head Down by Nine Inch Nails
The Outside has one of us, wants BlitzGirl, and knows OTTer torture techniques.

While I'm Still Here by Nine Inch Nails
Ah… uh… oh, whatever safira says it is.

O Dia em que a Terra Parou by Raul Seixas
Official anthem of the International Wait for It Day.

O Segundo Sol by Cássia Eller
Announcement of 1.mirror.. It's redundancy all the way down!

A Bad Dream by Keane
This is sung from BlitzGirl's perspective, inspired by a post that came at a time of great punning caused by that page's decree.