Spoiler Scroller

Keeps track of one's location in the page when a spoiler is opened and returns to the same location when the spoiler is closed. Compatible with Pikrass' Clever Spoiler.

Cake Time Styler

Changes posts' styles based on the total number of posts by the poster:

  • If the count is divisible by 100, a colored border is added to every post.
  • If the number of posts is 1190, the user's avatar is replaced by a random OTC frame.

Basic/Redundant/Memeified Post Enumerators

These scripts prepend the post number in the page to a post's subject header, thus allowing one to avoid being Pope/Mome or Goat if one so desires. The Redundant Post Enumerator also replaces default subject lines with sentences generated by Eternal Density's redundancy code, while the Memeified one uses mrob27's version of AUTOMOME.

For those interested, the TypeScript source from which the above scripts are compiled is available at https://chirpingmustard.com/git/AluisioASG/userscripts.

Elsewhere, be sure to check mrob27's and Pikrass' collections.